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Radex is a professional service company that offers Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) solutions for the detection of structural elements, defect identification within reinforced concrete, non-destructive testing (NDT), structural drawings, void & crack detection and corrosion mapping within Quebec and Ontario.

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Xradar™ Concrete Scanning

Radex offers ‘Xradar™ Concrete Scanning’ which is the Engineering Standard for Concrete Imaging and allows you to prevent injuries, save time, money and headaches by choosing to locate and map the position of Rebar, Post-Tension cables, Voids and Electrical Conduits embedded in concrete.

Structural Scanning/Investigations

As-built drawings for concrete structures detailing concrete thickness, reinforcement cover, spacing, diameter, foundation locations and more. Radex can normally tailor a structural investigation to your requirement

Concrete Corrosion Mapping

Self developed by Radex, we offer an innovative approach utilizing computer-assisted Xradar image analysis. Our processes have greatly improved both the accuracy and speed of corrosion mapping in concrete.

Void & Crack Detection

Subsurface voids are gaps within or below concrete slabs and are a great concern for engineers and property owners.

Ultrasound Tomography

Ultrasound Tomography is an advanced imaging technique used to detect defects within any concrete structure.

Ultrasound Pulse Velocity

Ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) testing is used to assess the strength and quality of concrete or natural rocks by measuring the velocity of a pulse propagating through

Utility Service Locates

Radex can locate all underground services underneath a concrete structure or under soil – both for interior and exterior requirements

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3D Modelling of Radex Xradar™ Scan Zones for CAD/Spacial Viewing


Powered by Xradar, Radex reduces concrete scanning errors to less than 2%, compared to the 25% typical for the scanning industry. Our dedicated team use the most advanced technology in the industry to scan and map the position of in concrete and underground objects, allowing you to cut and core safely.

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